Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor

Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor

This is an electric air compressor the size of a hand. From box description we can read that it is designed to pump car, motorcycle, bike tires and even footballs, volleyballs, etc. You can pump balloons and beach balls as well but only manually. This device has digital tire pressure detection, built-in presets and inflation pressure range is from 0.2 to 10.3 bar.

Clear LCD Display

Charging time is about 3 hours. Fully charged battery allows to work for 30 minutes. The box contains air compressor, presta valve adapter, needle valve adapter, charging cable and storage pouch. On the top is located high-pressure air hose, flashlight. In front is located LCD display and operating buttons. On the sides we have air intakes.

Charging time: 3 hours
Valve adapters

The build quality of the inflator is quite good, the plastics feel robust the touch and all of its body panels and tightly put together. The matte black finish feels good to the touch, is easy to grip.


After removing high-pressure air hose from its compartment, the air compressor automatically turns on. when device is connected display shows current air pressure. Center round button is for start/stop.
Inflating from 1.7 bar to 2.2 bar took 4 minutes.

Pumping car tires


Thanks to its compact dimensions, this handy gadget can be taken almost anywhere with you and will not take up much space in your backpack or car. This is highly recommended for cyclists. The filling up of tyres is quick and you can do it multiple times after charging it once. The same applies to motorcyclists too. However, if you often needed to inflate the wheels of a car or motorcycle, a more powerful compressor would be worth considering. If you want to quickly blow up all four wheels of the car, you will spend significantly more time than with a compressor at the gas station.