MotoSpeed K27

Motospeed K27

Motospeed K27 is a modern keypad with the most important keys for FPS game lovers. You can easily and conveniently use it with one hand. Well-thought-out design with a dedicated wrist rest reduces fatigue and increases comfort of use. Motospeed K27 is a completely new quality of gameplay. The Motospeed K27 keyboard for gamers has been equipped with 27 mechanical keys, thanks to which you can achieve excellent results during the game and break new records. The special design of the device ensures unparalleled comfort of use.

In this particular model there are red switches from OUTEMU. There is also a variant with blue switches, but I recommend red switches for gaming. Each of the keys of the keyboard has RGB LED backlighting, thanks to which the K27 will look great on any gaming desk. What’s more, you can choose from as many as 8 lighting modes. Therefore, you can freely adjust the appearance of the device to your preferences. Millions of colors and surprising lighting effects give the keyboard a unique character. By holding shift and escape and you can actually cycle through a couple of different animations.

The lifespan of the buttons is approximately 50 million clicks, which means that they are extremely durable. In turn, an advanced flash chip is responsible for the increased performance of the device.
All this means that the keyboard will serve you well for many years.

The housing is made of metal and durable plastic. On the bottom we find rubber stoppers, thanks to which the keypad will not slip on the surface. The wrist rest is not detachable, and it could be, it would positively affect the whole product. For comparison, I tried the brown switch keyboard from KAILH. The red switches in the Motospeed k27 keyboard are slightly quieter and require slightly less pressure than the brown switches. The Motospeed keyboard is also available with blue switches, but I recommend red for gaming.

The most important, thanks this short keyboard You have more space for mice movement! It could prevent from hiting keyboard by mice. I’ve been playing this keyboard for a couple of days now and I have to say it plays better than my full-sized keyboard with brown switches. Every move is a bit faster. The only small downside is the keyboard layout, namely the lack of a Windows key, so ALT is shifted more to the left, but you can get used to it easily. The wrist rest is also very comfortable.

  • Manufacturer: Motospeed
  • Model: K27
  • Type: Mechanical
  • Black colour
  • Wired Connection
  • Number of keys 27
  • Compatibility Windows XP/7/8/10
  • Key life of 50 million key presses
  • RGB backlight
  • ABS material, aluminum alloy
  • USB interface
  • Dimensions 211x148x41mm
  • Weight 378g
  • Working current 300mA
  • Working voltage DC 5V
  • OUTEMU Red Switches
  • Other 8 backlight modes, customizable backlight modes